Partnership with Parents

At Lingfield Nursery School we value that you know your child best and we work alongside you in caring and educating your child. We believe through working with parents your child will be able to achieve their full potential whilst in our care.

We value your input and support. We send out questionnaires and ask for your opinions on changes to the setting. We often use emails to keep parents updated and regularly informed about what is happening in the setting including illnesses and upcoming events.

Lingfield Nursery School has an open access policy for parents and welcomes you to come to the nursery at any time. We understand that during the first few days you might want to be in touch with us on a more frequent basis and welcome phone calls and emails for regular updates.

Our team talk to parents on a daily basis regarding the day, their child’s likes and dislikes as well as their care routines and milestones. We also have regular informal parents evenings where you can talk with other staff and parents.

We will work with families, respecting and understanding their culture, background and composition, ensuring that working parents are offered every opportunity to take part in nursery activities.