Fun and learning for pre-school. Children have a natural love of learning. Our belief is that this should be carefully nurtured to help them realise their full potential and this is achieved through a wide range of educational activities.

The children are supported and encouraged in a staff ratio of one adult to every eight children, to make healthy choices and develop their own independent skills by self selection of toys and materials. Free flow opportunities into the garden help your child develop self confidence, stretch their imagination and build their esteem to ensure they are well prepared for their new life at school. Your child’s key worker will get to know their interests, abilities, likes and dislikes, ensuring when planning with the curriculum, their full learning potential is maximised.

Observations on your child’s development are recorded in their preschool Learning Journeys; parents or carers are able to look at these at any time and we hold regular parents evenings where parents or carers can go through these portfolios in more detail with the child’s key person.

Sooner or later all our pupils have to leave us. The transition from nursery school to “big school” is a huge step, and we do our utmost to prepare the children for it, ensuring they are looking forward to this next stage in their lives with confidence.

We aim to work closely with other settings your child may attend and we will endeavor to link with your child’s primary school to make his/her transition to school as smooth as possible.