Security & Webcams

Our web cam facility is another feature we are very proud of.

Click here to access the Web Cams.

It enables you to log onto our website from your computer at home or work, to see what your child is doing at any time of the school day. We realise that when your child goes away to nursery for the first time it can sometimes be an emotional experience as well as a positive one, on both sides. However, the web cam makes everything more reassuring. For example, if your child is initially a bit upset at being left, you’ll be able to see how quickly he or she settles down after your departure to have a happy day – meaning that you will too. You’ll be able to check on your child’s progress and how he or she gets on with the other children. Or, if you’re simply missing your child, log on for a quick look!

On a more serious note, the protection software for the webcam is of the highest security for the safety of the children. It is accessible via our website at and can only be reached by using a password the parent or guardian has selected. This password will only become active on the day your child starts school and will be terminated after they have left. Peace of mind at all times These days security is uppermost in every parent’s mind, so naturally it is of huge importance to us too. Such a large site requires careful monitoring, which is why we have installed CCTV at the school and in the grounds. Through these we can monitor the premises at all times.

For added security the main gate to the farm and the school front door are electronic. All parents and staff have individual key fobs that control access through both gate and door ensuring that everything is as secure as possible.